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Prize money will be awarded in the form of reimbursements for approved business expenses. The Next Generation of Business Leaders' board will first approve all submitted expenses before issuing any funds. Businesses operated outside of the Fredericksburg region will not be eligible to receive the funds. All money not disbursed within 11 months of the 2015 contest date (by November 1, 2016) will be retained by the Next Generation of Business Leaders for future Made in FredVA events. 

Application and Submitted Materials Release


I, ___________________________, (hereafter, "Entrant") submit the attached application for the Made in FredVA competition (hereafter, "Competition") organized by the Fredericksburg Regional Chamber of Commerce Next Generation of Business Leaders program.  By submitting an application and executing this Release, Entrant acknowledges and agrees to be bound by the following terms and conditions:


  1. Entrant acknowledges and agrees that he/she is not entitled to any monetary, in-kind, or other type of compensation of any kind by virtue of submitting an application to the Competition or providing any additional documents in support of the application (hereafter, collectively, "Submitted Material").  Without limiting the foregoing, Entrant specifically agrees that he/she does not have and will not have or assert any so-called “idea submission” or similar claim against the Fredericksburg Regional Chamber of Commerce, the Next Generation of Business Leaders program, and their agents, employees, representatives and volunteers, including but not limited to the judges chosen for the Competition (hereafter, the "FRCC") and that the FRCC is free to use the materials submitted by the Entrant in any manner it sees fit.  Furthermore, Entrant specifically acknowledges and agrees that in the event he/she wins the Grand Prize, Entrant will be required to sign separate agreements relating to the disbursal of any funds, and will not be entitled to receive any funds unless Entrant agrees and abides by the terms of said agreements.


  1. Entrant hereby grants to the FRCC the irrevocable and perpetual license to use the Submitted Materials in furtherance of the Competition.  Entrant acknowledges that the Submitted Materials will be used by the FRCC to promote the Competition and will be distributed to third parties associated with the Competition.  Entrant further acknowledges and agree that the license granted herein may be used by FRCC to promote Made in FredVA and may be used by the FRCC to promote future competitions.


  1. Entrant acknowledges that the Submitted Material is submitted voluntarily and that Entrant has no expectation that the Submitted Material will be held in confidence or trust by the FRCC.  Entrant acknowledges and agrees that the submission of the Submitted Material and participation in the Competition does not create any relationship of trust or confidentiality, including but not limited to a fiduciary relationship of any kind.


  1. Entrant warrants and represents that he/she is the sole owner of the Submitted Material and/or has obtained all necessary permissions (including but not limited to applicable licenses)  to grant the FRCC the rights and offer the releases described herein.   Entrant further warrants and acknowledges that none of the Submitted Materials infringe upon the rights of any third party, including but not limited to rights in what are commonly described as “intellectual property” or “proprietary information.”  Entrant agrees to fully defend and indemnify the FRCC from any and all liability, actions, claims, demands, losses or damages (including attorney’s fees, costs, and punitive damages) brought by any party against FRCC for the use of the Submitted Materials, or which may arise from Entrant's participation in the Competition.


  1. Entrant hereby agrees that he/she solely assumes the risk of damage or loss of the Submitted Materials, and that the FRCC has no obligation to read or consider the Submitted Materials before proceeding with the Competition.


  1. Entrant hereby releases the FRCC to the fullest extent allowed by law from any and all claims, costs, and liabilities of every kind and nature whatsoever, known or unknown that may arise in connection with the Competition, or the Submitted Materials, or which may arise through the Entrant or on his/her behalf.  This Release shall constitute a full, final and complete release, accord and satisfaction of each and every claim released hereunder that Entrant has or may have at any time against the FRCC.


  1. Should any provision of this Release be deemed unenforceable the remaining provisions shall still be considered to be in full force and effect.



  1. Entrant agrees that all issues and questions concerning the construction, validity, interpretation and enforceability of the terms of this Release and the rights and obligations of the Entrant and the FRCC shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Entrant further agrees that the sole venue for any action arising under this Release or from the submission of the Submitted Materials or participation in the Competition shall be the Courts of the City of Fredericksburg, Virginia.