Twila & Co.

Johnna Hetrick
The Best of Fredericksburg Gift Box
Since April of 2015, I have been working with local businesses to create a gift box that shares the Best of Fredericksburg. It currently features items that are made locally such as Twila & Co. Monogram Cards, Sprelly Nut Butter, Ladyburg Bath Goods, and the Popcorn Bag Popcorn. Each box is completely customized through stickers, bags and monogram cards by adding in the names of the gift box recipient and offering different colors, fonts and themes (nautical, floral, Fredericksburg skyline, etc.) There are currently about ten themed boxes including chocolate, fruity, Pacific Islander, sweet and salty. These boxes promote working together with other local businesses to provide a unique gift for just about anyone. They start great conversation about the amazing things that Fredericksburg has to offer and encourage locals and non-locals to explore more local businesses.. Ultimately, I would love to grow gift box sales and add more local businesses into the mix!