Graceful Aging Ozone and Oxygen Retreat, LLC

Christine Kovacs
"Your body does not come with an owner's manual", Graceful Aging Ozone and Oxygen Retreat take the mystery out of cleansing and nutrition.
Graceful Aging Ozone and Oxygen Retreat will provide detoxification and cellular regeneration while utilizing the HOCATT Plus Ozone and Oxygen Sauna. Individuals will be shown through ozone and oxygen therapy the way toward total wellness. Our retreat will be mentored by board certified Naturalist Doctors both inside the Fredericksburg's area and by phone. They will offering sound advice and educational opportunities so that each person can make intelligent, informed decisions about the various factors influencing their total wellness. This state of wellness is a natural state of being, regardless of the age of the person. Chiropathy (methodology we will use) is a form of healing that aids a person to discover that: - wellness is dependent on the unification of body, mind and spirit; - each person is responsible for achieving and maintaining his own optimal wellness; - such wellness is dependent on following natural means and therapies; and - preventing disease is well within the ability of each person.